Habitat Gardens wins
National Award for
Extensive Commercial
Green Roof

Habitat Gardens offers native landscape and living architecture services that combine beauty with nature for LEED certification on commercial and residential buildings.

We pride ourselves in our ability to work hand-in-hand with leading landscape architects to bring their vision to life by building custom landscapes using drought tolerant native species to fit microclimate and aesthetic goals.

We design and build green roofs and living walls to attract birds and beneficial insects for optimum ecological balance. Our landscapes capture natural rainfall and fog drip to recycle the water for immediate irrigation or to place in storage for later use during dry seasons.

If you talk to our clients you’ll hear a recurring theme: WE CARE ABOUT YOUR GARDEN AND THE SURROUNDING ENVIRONMENT.

We are first and foremost plant biologists and horticulturists deeply committed to protecting the environment. Habitat Gardens is our labor of love and it shows in the natural beauty of our work.


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